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Mac/Windows Easter Eggs

Operating System Easter Eggs

Mac OSX Leopard
  • When looking at the shared drives on a network, all windows machines show up as a CRT with the BSD "Blue Screen of Death" (if you quickview it). Kind of funny, taking a blatent shot at Windows :-).

  • Hold down the shift key when you click on a stack (the stack has to be set to either "Fan" or "Grid", this can be changed by right clicking.

  • Hold down the 1,2,8,9,0 keys in the iTunes Jelly Visualizer. You can also hold either 1 or 2 as they also do different things.

  • If you blow up the iTunes icon using cover flow and then invert the screen (ctrl, alt/option, command, 8), not neccesary but helps seeing it, then on the very inside of the CD it has the version, the year made, and some other number and Apple on it.

  • In Dashboard, open a world clock widget (if you don't already have one running); After it finishes loading and displays the time in your location, flip it over and change the location to somewhere new (preferably a continent or city as far away from your own as possible). Click 'Done', and then watch the nice little animation!

  • Windows Vista
  • Here is how you can enable the Aurora Boot Screen in Windows Vista:
  • 1. click on the start orb and type in "MSCONFIG" in the searchbox and press Enter
  • 2. once the System Configuration tool loads, click on the Boot tab
  • 3. under Boot Options check "No GUI boot"
  • 4. click apply and then OK and restart your computer to see the new boot screen.

  • Sounds and Hidden Music
  • 1. Press Win logo key and R. Then it will open Run.
  • 2. Type in "Media" (without quotation marks)
  • 3. It will get a folder of Windows sounds and hidden midi music.

  • What Time is it?
  • Open note book, then type in" .LOG" (all caps without quotes)
  • Save using any file name and on the scroll down menu choose all files.
  • Close out notebook, open the file again and you will find the date and time.

  • Ribbons
  • Go to start menu, then all programmes, then accessories, then command prompt.
  • When the screen comes up type in "ribbons.scr /p65552" (without the quotes) you should also try these ones too.
  • "aurora.scr /p65552" (without the quotes)
  • "bubbles.scr /p65552" (without the quotes)
  • To close these screens you will then require to open the task manager (Ctrl, Alt and delete keys at the same time and close the programs in end task, or simply alt+f4.)

  • Have Fun and Enjoy!
  • These Easter Eggs are for fun and to just play around with. So be sure to have fun and give some feedback, I would love to hear how tey worked and if you have anymore to share.K Keep checking back as I am going to continue to try and find more to provide you guys with :-).

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